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The head of Ekaterinburg has put forward the requirements of “public leaders of the protest”

Глава Екатеринбурга выдвинул требования «публичным лидерам протеста»

The head of Ekaterinburg Alexander Vysokinskiy accused several protesters around the “Church in the Park”, political analysts, experts and journalists covering it in “aggravating the situation”.

His open letter addressed to Anne Baltinas, Ivan Volkov, Dmitry Moskvin, Xenia Baklanov, Konstantin Kiselev, Alexander Pirogov, Fedor Krasheninnikov, the Pauline Grasman, Sergey Moschino, Alexander Surikovu, Alexei Mosin, Vladimir Zlokazov, Rinat Nizamov, Andrew Pirozhkova, Roman Stupnikova.

“I know that many of you thoroughly “repudiate” the role of the leaders of the protest. But you protested in the square and continue to protest in the public sphere. Who needs this protest? What is his ultimate goal? When does it, if the citizens will choose a new platform or will you continue it?” — interested in Vysokinskiy.

He demanded that these people “clearly articulate” answers to the following questions: “are You against the Council in principle, or against its construction in a particular place on the embankment of the city pond? How do you assess the situation as a whole? What area is considered optimal? How do you propose to resolve the situation? Who can guarantee that there will be a total compromise? Who should be in the “City Committee of consent” that takes into account the interests of all citizens?”

The President of the Institute for the development and modernization of public relations Fyodor Krasheninnikov already answered Wysokinska: “I am not the leader of the protest, I did not organize the protest and is not going to do that. I’m a journalist, writer and commentator and I consider it my duty to publicly and with all stands available to me to talk about what affects me as a citizen of Russia and other residents of our city. And if the city protesting people or just going to do it — I’m going to talk about it and write, it’s my responsibility. And if they go in uncoordinated protests — I will talk and write about it, because I didn’t make up the rules according to which in our country, contrary to the Constitution, it is almost impossible to protest when and where people want to do it without arousing accusations of violation of the laws.”

“I am ready to use his personal authority to resolve the situation in the city and don’t see any reason to do that however, story Catherine’s Church ended its construction in a way that is not the calling of the objection site. But to solve this issue you have, local and regional authorities, because you brought this on yourself. Select a normal place, consider all the interests — and your decision will the citizens agree with it without referendums and polls. But if your solution will again be questionable — no referendums and polls will not be able to legalize and for this reason I would not recommend you to test any illusions. If people again will feel like a fool — they will return to protest, and will not ask, neither you nor me,” said the expert.

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