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The head of Buryatia appealed to the people because of the rally in Ulan-Ude and called opponents to the meeting

Глава Бурятии обратился к жителям изза митингов в УланУдэ и позвал оппонентов на встречу

“Do not succumb to conscious manipulation and provocation”

The head of Buryatia appealed to the people because of the rally in Ulan-Ude and called opponents to the meeting

The head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov expressed willingness to communicate with people, dissatisfied with the results of elections of the mayor which took place in Ulan-Ude on 8 September. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Tsydenov responded to allegations that missing in the region at that time, as in the Republican center of tense situation and protests. According to Tzudenova, he was in St. Petersburg, where the meeting was held under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. Today Tsydenov attended the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

According to Tzudenova Buryatia, he’ll be back on Friday, September 13. “And I have scheduled a meeting with all the candidates for mayor of the city of Ula-Ude, because each candidate had their meeting their mandates from the voters that need to be considered in future work. But Vyacheslav markhayev has said it will not attend the meeting. Question: what’s the buzz?” writes Tsydenov.

In his post he also said that in the mayoralty of Ulan-Ude had not received any application for approval of a “legal rally”. “On a direct meeting to come also refused. I understand resentment and frustration. But a significant number of residents Marhaeva supported, so too were the suggestions and suggestions on priority issues. Now with these proposals? Have the power to at least punish the residents that you got transferred for further work,” says Tsydenov.

He also said that meetings with him required two persons — the Deputy of the National Hural of Buryatia Republic from the Communist party of Bair Tsyrenov, who demanded to cancel results of elections, and blogger Dmitry Bairov demanding the release of Igor Konashenkova — the driver of “Gazelle”, a supporter of Alexander Gabysheva — the inhabitant of Yakutsk, who calls himself a shaman and goes on foot to Moscow to “expel Putin.”

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“When checking the documents Konchanov refused to undergo examination for alcohol. Refused to show police the documents for the car. Received administrative detention for 13 days. What’s the policy? Or now political freedom is the right to go drunk driving in a stolen car? (“Gazelle” this is now in the search, if documents and car is okay, why hide it?)”, — said the head of the Republic of the reasons for the detention of a follower of the shaman.

In addition, Tsydenov called “stuffing” information that Tsyrenov and Bairov were injured during the arrest at an unsanctioned rally; information about what the police threw a smoke bomb on the bus with the participants of an unsanctioned rally (the interior Ministry claimed that detained the bus, which was lodged by activists, and in response, activists sprayed tear gas). “Fact — a police officer in the face sprayed pepper spray! The burns of the cornea. And this is a real harm,” wrote Tsydenov.

“Dear compatriots, there are objectives and priorities. The problem — to solve the problems of the Republic, the priorities — not to give in to blackmail and not be distracted from the really important issues, to defer or postpone which is impossible. Appeal to all residents of the city and country, we with you a large part of the problem to solve and decide. And only together. Do not fall for conscious manipulation and provocation, in the stuffing of false information. Sooner or later they will end, and we with you live together and see each other in the eye,” — said the head of the Republic.

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Recall that spontaneous protest began in the capital of Buryatia on September 9. Activists demand to cancel the results of elections of the mayor of the city and to release the detained supporters of the Yakut shaman.

For participation in unsanctioned public event September 10 were detained Dmitry Bairov and Buryat Communist MP Bair Tsyrenov. On the eve Tsyrenova was sentenced to a fine of 15 thousand rubles, Bagirov received 5 days of arrest.

Apogee events reached this night. From midnight the square was closed to traffic for public transport, the official reason was the preparation for the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet-Mongolian troops in Khalkhin-Gol. Protesters to disperse did not want to, they sprayed pepper spray, causing the affected resguardar. Police arrested 17 people, they were delivered to the Department. By six o’clock in the morning, everyone was sent home, having received subpoenas duces tecum for review and a Protocol.

Today, Thursday, the campaign, which lasted from Monday, ended. Bair Tsyrenov has announced that they now intend to collect a sanctioned rally.

Elections of the mayor of Ulan-Ude, last September 8, I won the acting head of the administration Igor sumenkov garnered 52.5 per cent of votes with a turnout of 34%. The leader of the Buryat Communists, Irkutsk Senator Vyacheslav markhayev received of 36.58%.

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