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The head of Bashkortostan compared COVID-19 with fascism and called Putin a “national leader”

Глава Башкирии сравнил COVID-19 с фашизмом и назвал Путина «национальным лидером»

The head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov believes that Russia has been “pretty good to organize work on the non-proliferation of the pandemic [coronavirus]” due to the fact that in Russia the “great controllability” and “we are all United under the beginning of a very strong leader, our national leader President Vladimir Putin.” Such a statement he made at the first international online forum “the World after coronavirus: a view from the heart of Eurasia”.

In his speech, he also decided to compare the pandemic coronavirus and fascism: “I know Not, appropriate or not appropriate, we thought, but I can do this parallel — August 1941, when Nazi Germany almost conquered all of Europe and has already invaded the territory of the Soviet Union and was victorious for the first time, in August of 1941 of the state gathered and began to draw the contours of a new world after victory. We also now, in my opinion, need to have to talk.”

According to the head of the Republic, “after the pandemic, we will meet with this a little bit another human society, which will become much more informed, mobile significantly and become very reflective.” “And imagine what happened-in fact, just a month and a half, I’m talking about Russia, but in other countries, maybe earlier, a man who considered himself Homo sapiens, he became the object of hunting and persecution the smallest microorganisms. Humanity has launched rockets into space, explored the ocean depths, and now we purposefully established our production, sew the mask produced in the huge quantities of antiseptics. Or, for example, a person who enjoyed freedom, and nobody could tell us what to do and where to sit today, a huge number of people sitting in isolation and incredibly tired,” — said on the forum radium Khabirov.


The head of Bashkortostan also decided to share with the audience of the forum “another observation” about his wife: “My wife for two weeks working as a volunteer goes to door, handing out food packages. And every evening comes to me and says, well, almost every night this happens, such a heavy history in which there were our people, and how actually hard it is. About this book you can write”. “Our goal is to make basic that people did not starve. We live in a strong and rich country and I think it’s important,” added Habirov.

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