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The head of Amazon thanks to black Friday fabulously rich

Глава Amazon благодаря "черной пятнице" сказочно разбогателThanks to the sales on “black Friday” as Bezos has exceeded 100 billion

The founder and one of the leaders of the American company Amazon, Jeff Bezos after the sales on black Friday won the state 100 billion dollars.

The value of the shares founded by him to the company for one day increased by 2%, reports Bloomberg.

In this case for November 24, sale online retailer Amazon rose by 18.4% compared to the same period last year.
Earlier, the Bezos-on-one became the richest man in the world, ahead of Microsoft founder bill gates, his fortune was then made up to 93.8 billion.

However, the day stock quotes changed again, and gates returned to first place.

As you know, black Friday is the first day of sales in retail chains around the world and it comes immediately after thanksgiving in the US (usually it’s the last week of November). During this period, the stores compete in the discount, earning before Christmas. This year this day falls on November 24.

Note that Ukraine is also the tradition of “black Friday”, when one day the Americans pull in an average of 50-60 billion dollars, because sellers promise discounts of up to 90%. On this day in American malls is the real madness: people will sweep away everything from the shelves and stand for hours in queues, and American cops are the statistics of injured in the battles for the purchase of the dreams.

In Ukraine the culture of Friday outlet just coming into fashion, because sales carried out mainly in large shopping malls and online shops. The sellers are: “black Friday” is an opportunity to attract new customers, to please loyal and at the same time get rid of waste products, which are now out of season. Moreover, in contrast to foreign retailers, the Ukrainian put discounts modest and not for all goods.

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