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The hazing got worse

Дедовщина стала страшнее

Hazing in the army after the reform has not disappeared. On the contrary, the contract, which is now led by the conscripts, are often more violent than were “old”.

Mass shooting in the TRANS-Baikal part of the representatives of the defense Ministry immediately after the incident explained to a nervous breakdown associated solely with personal circumstances conscripts R. Shamsutdinova, not with the service. On Wednesday, the media has spread the word of a soldier, which he reportedly said during the interrogation, that he threatened to rape a Junior officer, and such abuse in the past been other conscripts. Later, his father Shamsutdinova, who met with his son, confirmed that it is to this threat Ramil hinted, said he was driven to the extreme point and he regrets only that he killed two random soldiers. The Ministry of defence categorically deny the possibility of the existence of prison orders in the army and called the information “surge”. The representative of the “Committee of soldiers ‘mothers” said that no bullying today in the army there. Other human rights activists think otherwise.

Valeria Prihodkin, human rights:

Дедовщина стала страшнее“Today, “Officers of Russia” and some of the committees of soldiers ‘ mothers has become the FIRST NGO — government-organized non-profit associations that do not serve the people, and the interests of the state. Sponsor them, feed, pulling in all sorts of public councils, commissions, chambers. But because they serve only the interests of the state, and see no violations. Therefore, problems people turn to human rights defenders.

I have forever been dealing with the issues of bullying and see that she’s not going away, and such cases occur with systematic regularity. Moreover, the face of bullying has become worse. The state pays for 5 million roubles for each killed in the army — so silent many families. They are satisfied that life in the army is estimated at that amount.

The problem of bullying became even worse than during the two years of military service. Today the army has no “young” and old-timers, and there are those who discriminate and those who are humiliated.

The reason all these steel “workout” and reforms, which destroyed the institution of officers — those who are specifically trained to work with boys-conscripts who were trained in pedagogy and psychology. Now these officers, they were replaced by contractors. But who is on contract? People without education. Graduates of orphanages, who did not go to jail. The village boys, who have nowhere to return home they have no work, no housing, no prospects. They remain on the contract with great pleasure and saddle in the army.

I have read stories of this boy, R. Shamsutdinova, that his promised “lower”. These words are a bandit, “thieves” terms. The army is the guardian of the “thieves ‘ traditions”. In GUFSIN all kept in the “thieves ‘ concepts”, in the army. Yes, even in prison there is nothing that happens in the army.

It is necessary to return these officers to the army — trained, such that they were social welfare, had a family, so service was their job for life. And not the kind that come two years to the contract, to stole and go to your village or in the village. Only then will the order.”

Elena Makhotaeva, the Chairman of Lipetsk branch of “Committee of soldiers ‘ mothers of Russia”:

Дедовщина стала страшнее“What happened in Zabaykalsky Krai I regard as campy banditry. Complaints on similar cases, as in the TRANS, I have not had to face, although bullying is, let and not such, which was previously seen.

Many of the complaints were when the term of military service was two years. When the term of service reduced to one year, then became the “old-timers”. Now most of the complaints come on Junior officers, and especially contractors, who themselves yesterday were recruits. There are abuse of authority by commanders when they seven times a day, forcing soldiers to wash the floors. Conscripts complain of abuse, moral humiliation and extortion.

The situation in part depends primarily on the officer corps. There are officers that do not live up to their title as dramatically as it may sound. A few years ago, for example, there were a lot of complaints from the military unit of the 12th main Directorate of the defense Ministry near the village of Chebsara in the Vologda region.

To resolve the problem by tightening control over senior officers, Junior officers and contractors. Should work Deputy commanders for military education. Of those forces, where such work is at an appropriate level, of complaints received less: for example, from the military space forces.

Served in the Kantemirovsky division is still remembered with exceptional discipline, which was under Colonel Nicholas Klimanova. He and the officers demanded a lot, and the soldiers were grateful for the order in the division. But if there is no discipline, there will be no order in the military unit”.

Alla Vlasov, Chairman of the Bryansk public organization “Committee of soldiers ‘mothers”:

Дедовщина стала страшнее“The main who is to blame for “Zabaykalsky cause” is the immediate commander. Apparently, the one that died. If the commander works well and correctly, it will never happen. But if it starts to rot soldier, of course, he can not stand the nerves. Here and in Transbaikalia the guy brought.

When the defence Minister was Sergei Shoigu, the first two years it was noticeable that there were more of rigor and austerity. We, soldiers ‘ mothers, you might say, rested. But then again to replace the strict discipline came raspolozhennostj. I know and in the Department of discipline of the Chief military political administration said, note what happens… If before we call in some part, have a good understanding of the military authorities, and we promised to deal with all the complaints, but now the answers were again in the spirit: “…you know, there’s still a wimp and a momma complained.”

There are no bad soldiers, only bad commanders. Therefore, to strengthen the requirements necessary to the commanders, to the officers of the Junior staff, to contractors who work with conscripts”.

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