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The Hague court will consider the collective complaint of Kuzbass residents to the genocide

Гаагский суд рассмотрит коллективную жалобу жителей Кузбасса на геноцид

The international criminal court in the Hague has registered the collective appeal of residents of the city of Kiselevsk of the Kemerovo region, who complained about the unbearable living conditions in connection with the brutal coal mining and the inaction of the authorities. Siberians asked to conduct an independent investigation.

According to the publication “the Shade”, the residents of Kiselevsk received a response from the Hague. It States that the treatment of the Kuzbass will be considered in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute (the international Treaty adopted in 1998). With this notice the court does not mean that the investigation into the appeal commenced and that it will be held. While only registered the statement. The final decision applicants will be notified separately.

Appeal to the international criminal court Siberians sent in late August. They said that in Kiselevsk are nine sections, leading coal from open-pit and five mining and processing plants, which often violate environmental legislation. This has led to higher levels of cancer and respiratory diseases, say the authors. Residents are not relocated from dangerous areas because they allegedly do not fall within the sanitary protection zone of enterprises.

“In Kiselevsky urban district fell black snow. In fact, any environmental disaster. However, the authorities continue to provide the land for the production of coal by open method and construction of processing plants coal <…> houses cannot be sold for good money, because nobody wants to live near a breakdown,” said the inhabitants of Kuzbass.

According to them, Supervisory and investigating authorities do not find in the actions or omissions of persons responsible of any violations. “These actions are in essence genocide and crimes against humanity” — say the townspeople and add that I do not bring any result even appeal to the office of the President of the Russian Federation. Full text of the letter published in the edition “news of Kiselevsk”.

Previously residents of Kiselevsk has recorded a video message to the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and the UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres. They also complained of unbearable environmental situation in the region, the tyranny of the coal miners, the inaction of the authorities, and said it was ready to become refugees in another country. “We live in depression because of environmental disasters,” summed up “Kiselevsky Canadians”.

The government of Canada responded to the appeal and has indicated it is prepared to take residents of Kiselevsk as refugees, subject to certain international conventions. In turn, the Kemerovo authorities have promised that they will create a Commission to solve.

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