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The guy living with two girls, with humor revealed the secrets of the female

Парень, живущий с двумя девушками, с юмором раскрыл женские секреты	Oh, those girls.

Musician Craig Shapes (Shapes Craig) moved to an apartment with his girlfriend and her friend. Then he could not imagine what awaits him. Cohabitation of two individuals of the fairer sex helped Craig to learn more about the unfathomable feminine essence. On their observations, the boy told Twitter followers – starting with the fact that girls can’t keep things from each other any information, and ending with the unreal amount of hair all over the apartment.

In 2017 Craig however they began to live together with his lady and her friend in the same apartment. “Some shit I saw, literally opened my eyes,” began his story about living together with girls Craig.

The first thing that surprised guy – girls do not have from each other secrets. At all.

“They show each other ALL the messages that you receive. No one is safe. Girls don’t need the screenshots, they have a photographic memory”.
So keep in mind: if you write your girlfriend a message, it means you automatically write and her friends.

The myth that girls don’t poop, is complete nonsense. In addition, they are not afraid to talk about it.

“I have to go poop” is probably the most popular phrase in our house.”

Another observation concerns the Craig girls care about their appearance.

“HAIR PINS. Oh, those hair clips. Step on them, sit on them, I Wake up with stuck to the skin with pins. Yes, I could take a damn tub of Bobby pins, which are in a week.”

The popular belief that girls are going for a long time is true. For women fees – a real ritual.

“The process of preparation to the exit in people is not simply “to wash, to dress, to leave.” Nope. This consultation, fashion shows, endless compliments, and sometimes alone and not to handle because on some dresses back zip and the girl herself to her does not make it”.

Challenge girls to create comfort in the house. So the shelves are always a lot of cute jackets and, of course, scented candles.

“The candles. We have SO MANY CANDLES. Candles that smell weird, like “rhubarb and custard”. I don’t even know how it really smells like rhubarb and custard”.

Girls know how to persuade. You to blink no time instead of football will begin to enjoy a TV series or reality show.

“”The family Kardashian”, “Weekend in Ibiza”, “Ex on the beach”, “Island of love”, “Seaside Jordy.” Dude, I know all about these people that will never meet. And in every show, so MANY EPISODES! And the worst thing is that I gave up and I liked the “Island of love””.

“If my eyebrows groomed, they even talk to me until I decide to let them tweeze. It’s crazy. Girls love to pluck someone else’s eyebrows. Don’t know why.”

“Girls are always talking about diets and perfect figures. But believe me, they do a “days of rest” almost always when they are sad. Bad day? A glass of wine. Monday? Chocolate. The guy said that you don’t get a dog? Pizza.”

Another observation concerns the fact that women know everything. And this is no exaggeration.

“They say that girls find out everything. If this is true, just because they instagram-stalkers of the highest level. Seriously, if I call your name, in five minutes they already know the names of the dogs of this man, his Shoe size and social security number”.

“Bathrobes. If you don’t have a Bathrobe, you’re missing out. In those days, when we have a hangover we can get out of the robes. Girls even in the store in a Bathrobe to go, and everyone’s like”.

And girls are weird.

“Sometimes I sit on the couch and watch these two. They can just jump up and start dancing. I do not understand what is happening, even the music is not playing.”

“Around one drama. You need to wash the hair drama. It’s cold outside, while you waited to be warm, and you need to change the dram. It is impossible to find something of clothes is a hell of a great drama”.

“If you’re going to come to visit, we must warn you in 8-10 working days that the girls were sure that the house is clean, managed to wash and dry hair, and makeup”.

“The girls share their clothes. They can even be shared closet. They no longer remember who the top”.

“Around the full head of hair, it’s crazy. Especially in the shower, just a small handful of hair. However, I’m used to it”.
Despite the strangeness of girls and some annoying factors such as hairpins and hair, Craig lives with the ladies quite pleased.

“All I want to say is that you will learn nothing of true devotion, until you live with girls. Every day this house is full of laughter. Love them”.

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