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The guy in the wheelchair showed how it is possible to travel in Ukraine

Парень на коляске показал, как можно путешествовать по УкраинеGuy ran the country for more than two thousand kilometers.

2714 kilometers by hitchhiking – in a wheelchair. Kievlyanin Dmitry Webutuck proved to myself and others: on the way to the dream restrictions do not exist. A nasty fall robbed him of his ability to walk, but guy did not give up. Today Dmitry is a master of sports in swimming, a blogger and social activist.

To convince others to move and is not confined in the four walls, the guy hitched from Kiev to Lutsk, and did not stop. “I decided not to return by the same road home, I will go through Belarus”, – says Dmitry.

Drivers across different. Someone drove past and did not want to hassle with a stroller, says Dmitry. The others free ride, sharing food and stories. “All with ease. Love to help, and it was all captured drivers: I’m hitchhiking in a wheelchair – never seen a man in a wheelchair “timbers,” says the activist.

The most difficult, says Dmitry was the way to the Belarusian border. Then for a long time no one stayed and the guy had the heat to travel more than four kilometers. “You think – all kapets, and you’re going and I think we need to find some shadow to hide from the sun, to make it easier, and then stops the car with air conditioning, this difference is of emotions,” he says.

Dmitry spent the night at friends and acquaintances, and sometimes begged just to strangers. To overcome obstacles on the way always helped by passers-by. “It’s better when you have support, although the people here are kind and sincere, and help everywhere,” – says the activist.

For nineteen days Dmitry hitched 2714 kilometres. On his way he met 34 of the driver, which helped him to achieve his dream. Now Dmitry is planning to hitchhike on a wheelchair to conquer European cities.

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