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The guards of the famous Ukrainian singer attacked journalists

Охранники знаменитой украинской певицы напали на журналистовThe film crew was threatened with a gun and took all the cameras.

The 1+1 TV channel reported on the March 5 attack on the film crew outside the house of Svetlana Loboda, where the journalists of “Ukrainian sensations” threatened with a weapon the guards of the singer.

A scandalous incident was reported on the official website.

This happened during the preparation of the material about the specifics of the paparazzi, Hobbies and Hobbies of the stars. The car crew was blocked by two cars of protection of the singer, one of which was a man with a gun. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Demonstrating a gun and a hammer, three guards threatened to shoot the knee of the driver of the TV channel 1+1, and then forcibly took away all my recording videomemory, namely video camera and DVR machine,” – said journalists.

The victims called the police and recorded a statement about preventing of journalistic activity and robbery.

“I have the impression that the status of his “star” some person just lost the ground under their feet. Perceiving himself to the stars and gods in one person, I believe that I can do anything and go unpunished,” − said the producer of the journalistic investigations Department of 1+1 Oleksandr Dubinsky.

The lawyers of TV channel qualify protection Svetlana Loboda as impeding the legitimate professional activities of journalists and fall under article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

“Our crew worked to prepare the materials of its investigation, that is directly carried out their professional duties, during which they had the right to conduct written, audio and video recordings by applying the necessary technical means”, − noted the Director of legal Affairs 1+1 Tatiana Smirnova.

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