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The groom clairvoyant of Fatima Khadueva died without leaving a coma

Psychic Fatima Khadueva is experiencing a difficult period of his life. Her fiance, actor Vakhtang Kerechashvili died in a Moscow clinic.


It all happened suddenly: some time ago while walking Vakhtang became ill, Fatima called for an ambulance. While the pair was driving to the clinic, the Vic lost consciousness and fell into a coma. The doctors diagnosed meningitis.

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A few minutes before the coma elect a clairvoyant had to say: “These 20 years I’ve loved only you. Marry me”. Then Fatima said Yes.


Recall, the star of “the battle of psychics” was sure that the positive emotions will help her lover out of the coma. She decided to hold a wedding ceremony right in the hospital, hoping for a miracle. In late January, Fatima was going to get engaged with the Vic.

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