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The GPU has completed the investigation of the mayor Buchi

ГПУ завершила расследование по делу мэра БучиThe state worker will stand trial for their unlawful actions.

The indictment against the acting mayor and the Secretary of the city Council Buchi, as well as several former chiefs of Department of the state Committee will soon go to court, the press service of the Prosecutor General. To them threatens till six years of imprisonment.

Completed pre-trial investigation on suspicion of abuse of power by officials in the seizure of forest land and change their purpose. The consequence considers that in the years 2002-2015 suspected of illegally distributed to private hands 80 hectares of forest, causing state losses of 400 million hryvnia. Currently, the suspects and their defenders were granted access to prosecution material and, in the near future the case will be sent to the court.

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Recall, for several years, law enforcement worked actively for land acquisition in Kiev region. In particular in Bucha and Irpin, several times searching and residential premises of the officials. So, in July of last year, the raids took place in the town halls of these cities and 29 spaces. Then in the air “112 Ukraine” a resident of Bucha Anatoly Fedoruk complained, they say, seized received for 18 years on a post of the mayor of certificates of appreciation and even seven children. And MP Olga Chervakova in “Facebook” reported that talking about the theft in the early 2000-ies of 890 hectares of forest. The decision of the Supreme court, these lands were returned to the state, but buchansky city Council re-RASPAIL, and the mayor signed the decision. And the current mayor of Irpin during raspaevaniya was Deputy mayor Buchi. Also the opponents of the mayors noted that owned by the wives of the officials the firm holds the building illegally allocated land.

Vladimir Karplyuk, on the eve of the raids left the town, on his page in Facebook said that the prosecution ordered people’s deputies and prosecutors that he, as the mayor refused to preserve built by them in Irpen corruption schemes. And later in the air “Gromadsky” noted that he had not fled Ukraine and went on vacation.

By the way, on page luchanskogo mayor in “Facebook” published scientific and legal conclusion of the experts of the National Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine, according to which “subject to the authority, which characterized the position of the head Luchanskogo city Council Fedoruk A. P. at the time of signing decisions,” he can’t be accused of malpractice because it does not prove that he knew about the illegality of the decision. Supporters of the mayor also pointed out that the city is simply no such number of hectares of forest.

However, investigators these conclusions are not affected, and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko in October 2016, announced the Declaration of suspicion “Chapter Luchanskogo of the city Council Fedoruk, A. P., and the Secretary of this Council.” However, they were charged with illegal transmission of at least 70 ha of forest Fund. Soon after the court removed the mayor from office and sent him under house arrest, but the decision was appealed, and the Appellate court reinstated the official work.

Such differences in the number of privatized hectares source of “FACTS” in Prosecutor’s office explained that there was some criminal proceedings for illegal transfers of land in Bucha and Irpin. And soon we will hear about other cases.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor of the Kiev region through its website calls for the delivery of the suspicion of the first Deputy head of the Irpin Council Dmytro Hristica. He is charged with, the investigators did not report, but noted that on a previous call he was not. He hrystyuk in social networks said that he and the mayor are pursuing for the development of the city out of corruption schemes and “wrong” political affiliation.

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