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The government of Spain called his solution to the problem of Catalonia

Правительство Испании назвало свое решение проблемы КаталонииOfficial Madrid ready to consider any offers, in addition to the detach region.

Official Madrid rejects any dialogue with the government of Catalonia, however, does not exclude constitutional reform.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy during his speech before deputies of the lower house of Parliament.

According to him, “under the form of a dialogue it is impossible to accept the imposition of views that are impossible to accept.”

In addition, the Catalan government he called “those who try to achieve their goals by illegal means”.

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“There can be mediation between the democratic law and failure to comply with the law. We also cannot negotiate on the sovereignty of the whole of Spain and indivisibility of the Spanish nation”, stressed Rajoy.

At the same time it does not exclude constitutional reform in Spain as future steps to overcome the crisis.

“We can discuss the possibility of reform of the Constitution, because it’s not a static law, once and for all carved in stone. Each of the provisions of the basic law, even the most urgent, can be changed,” — said the Spanish official.

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Also, the Spanish Prime Minister said that the independence of Catalonia “will put an end to the best times of the region and its history.”

Recall, 1 October, in Catalonia held a referendum on secession from Spain. Madrid declared the vote illegal and tried to stop him with the help of police. Note that the European Commission also recognized the referendum in Catalonia is illegal.

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