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The gold reserves of the Russian Federation exceeded the debt of the Russian Federation – what does this mean in reality?

ЗВР РФ превысили долг РФ - что это значит в действительности?

Very briefly summarized the economic substance of what actually is the evidence and that it expresses the accumulation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the so-called “gold and foreign currency reserves of the Russian Federation” in General, and the excess of such “reserves” total volume “of the external debt of the Russian Federation” in particular.

Almost all Central mass media of the Russian Federation with reference to the message from the Bank of Russia in recent days said about the “enormous reserves: reserves of Russia have exceeded the total debt”.

In fact, in the modern world many philatelists and numismatists – lovers collecting stamps and coins, the banknotes which have historical or artistic value. But in contrast to these historically and artistically valuable stamps and coins with banknotes collected mode RF candy wrappers and tsifirki (electronic records) on accounts in foreign banks and banks of the Russian Federation – is a phantom, an illusion of material wealth, with partial exception of physical metal bars of gold.

The truth and the last being a valid product, has the cost wrong, which it announced in mnt and other distribution coupons for the right to claim the goods. But what cost have the goods – that now nobody knows, and the means to determine that no one.

The distribution of these coupons, referred to as currency today can be used and gone tomorrow; today, they are merchandised in one “rates” (a measure of simulacra prices), and in an hour or two, not to mention longer periods, these “bets” can be drastically changed both up and down to zero. And this is not under the power of Russian ruling regime. It’s a matter of political arbitrariness of the actual global institutional power over the process of social production, and effective tools to implement such a tyranny they quite enough, and the interests of the beneficiaries of the regime in Russia is not interesting to anyone, except the beneficiaries.

The current situation with the so-called excess reserves on debt of the Russian Federation characterizes not the wealth of the Russian Federation. In fact, it characterizes the scale of the iceberg of expropriation of Russian wealth carried out (expropriation) dominant over Russia social group and the beneficiaries in favor of those States, the distribution coupons which collect not only the CBR and the Russian Government, but by banks, corporations, joint stock companies and other enterprises.

Simulacra of money, that is the distribution coupons (the titles of the rights of the requirement of use-values) in reality are neither means of circulation of goods or the measure of their value, nor a means of accumulation. In fact, they (these coupons) are the means of the distribution of consumers ‘ values. But they mediate not so much the distribution (although it in the first place, if judged only by what occurs on the surface of economic life), but ultimately and in reality, consumption.

Global and state institutional power over the production process through distribution of such coupons (“currency”) govern the extent of private consumption goods, including in the latter also services and work, and, therefore, the extent of private appropriation of goods. Actually it is the same on the merits were also in the USSR.

Therefore, collecting such distribution of coupons (any “currency”) any institutional power over the production process in essence is nothing but the restriction of private consumption. The limitation of one’s private consumption? Private consumption all those who have these coupons not accrue as a result of their collecting appropriate institutional authority over the production process. The more the volume of such collections, the more limited consumption and productive consumption (manufacturing) and consumer production (the reproduction of people, people as such).

Actually this is what witnesses and victims, who are often representatives of the dominant in Russian social groups directly and cynically referred to as “suffers”, has a third of a century is the majority of the Russian population.

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