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The glass on the Apple iPhone 8 is like a new iPhone SE

The Apple iPhone revealed to the world 8 wireless charging Qi and presented it as a novelty, though the standard has existed for many years and actively exploited in the Android smartphones. For its integration of abandoned metal casing in favor of a glass back, and God forbid you break it you will have to pay a very large sum.

In fact, replacing the glass back of Apple’s new iPhone 8 is exactly the same as the new iPhone SE, that is as much as $ 350, but if you have managed to break Apple iPhone 8 Plus, you’ll have to pay as much as $ 400, and for the money to China to buy its flagship OnePlus 5. Yeah, replace that the glass is as half of these IPhones, so it is better to buy a protective case to avoid paying Apple the money.

By the way, full price for glass for the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have to pay even if you have AppleCare+, which of these phones is 130 and $ 150 respectively. In the end, have too expensive cell phone in which there’s absolutely nothing innovative, the repair of which will cost a considerable additional amount. Xiaomi and Meizu, live forever!

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