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The girlfriend of the former soloist of group “Cream” is asking fans to help her with the money

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Daria Ermolaeva from the first part of the group “Cream” is in a difficult situation. Darya moved abroad and she has no money to return to Russia. To aggravate the situation, the singer needs medical care.


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No one would know about it if a friend of Daria’s, actress Teona Dolnikova, not to be told about the incident to Instagram. “Dasha is a dear friend and an incredibly helpful and warm people. So now this beautiful little man needs help. God grant that none of you never experienced difficulties, but unfortunately in life things happen,” the begins his story Dolnikova (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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“Dasha was married, it seemed, for a normal guy from Moscow. Which eventually forced her to sell his own house in Moscow and move to live in Brazil. Half of the money he just she took, and what was left they bought a wreck, because for anything else they lacked. With half the amount he ran and abandoned his own child a month before his birth. Threw Dasha into debt and destroyed the house where there’s no place to lie down. In General, Dasha is sick and she needs medical care that she had no money. No money even to buy a ticket and come back. And not to whom — my mom died,” shared the actress a sad story of a friend.

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However, not all Network users believe in the story and even managed to give some rebuttal: “You know, I know Daria is not the first year, the user writes Maria Potapova (@mawacarrot. And her former husband of 20 years and his family. No one forced her to sell the apartment, had not been expelled. I am sincerely sorry that we have such information and you with all my heart want to help. If you’re interested, I will gladly tell you about how she sold the apartment because he shared with his brother, about how her husband cared for her dad. Refute every cry for help. Slander of Denis climbed. It’s awful. True.”

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Official comments from the former soloist of group “Cream” has not yet been received.

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