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The girl launched a fun challenge with pots

Девушка запустила забавный челлендж с кастрюлямиThe challenge is gaining momentum.

A new challenge has captured the social network. People shouting in the kitchen pans. According to them, the sound can be preserved, if in a short span of time time to cover with a lid.

For the sake of scientific experiments people would do almost anything.

“If you shout into the pan and quickly cover it with a lid, can you lock the sound in the container?”, – this question is a joke, the negative answer to which is known to all, angered Twitter users. They turned an old joke into a popular challenge.

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In late April, users remembered the movie that was made for Snapchat in the past year. The video girl tips face over the pot, screaming in a bowl, quickly close the pan with a lid and then opens it and hears the echo.

The video was shown to the users so ridiculous that they collected about nine million views. “Everyone try this”, – reads the caption to the video. The brother of the heroine of the movie told the Daily Dot, as his sister managed to pull focus and to violate the laws of nature.

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“She shouted, covering his mouth, and it’s the same sound you heard when she opened the lid,” the young man revealed a secret video.

Every flash mob has its side effect, and # PotChallenge is no exception. Were people really believed in the opportunity to preserve the sound in the pan. they were very disappointed to do this they have failed.

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