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The girl caught a baseball in a glass and became a YouTube star

Девушка поймала бейсбольный мяч бокалом и стала звездой YouTubeThe girl received an unusual “souvenir”.

A curious case that happens once in 100 years, occurred during a match of the championship MLB (Major League baseball) in United States.

In San Diego (California) met local “Padres” and “Milwaukee Brewers”. In baseball, not often, but there are times when the ball flies into the stands after a severe impact bat. It’s called “home run” and brings several points to team of the player is lucky.

But this fight was different situation: the batter, the player is not able to send the ball back to the field, only striking on it. In the end the ball flew right on to the upper tier of the stadium, where it was caught by the cheerleader from San Diego Gabby dimarco. And, caught… beer glass. Then, at the request of fans, just drank his beer.

Well, the ball flying into the stands, baseball traditions (like the puck in hockey), is not returned on the field, and remains in the form of a souvenir to the lucky fan.

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