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The GHOSTS of SHARON TATE come back 50 years later (TRAILER)

The previous trailer that was published exactly a month ago, YouTube was removed, so before us the first official video of the horror film The Haunting of Sharon Tate, which went to the actual story of a famous Hollywood actress, who died in 1969 at the hands of followers of Charles Manson. Manson himself in the film also present, by the way.

The film offers a look at the last days of Sharon Tate her eyes. The plot is inspired by the words of the Tate: in an interview published a year before the murder, the actress spoke about dreams, which have seen ghosts that inhabit her house, and his own death at the hands of members of a satanic cult.

Starring: Hilary Duff (“Young”), Jonathan Bennett (“Pawn”), Lydia Hearst (“Patient zero”), Paul shaida (“the Nation killers”), Bella Poype (Silicon valley) and Ben Mellish (“Elephants”).

Script writer and Director — Daniel Farrands (“Murder in Amityville”).

The new trailer clearly better than the previous one even though that is technically the disadvantages of the picture is now not so apparent. However, for example, I still have not hooked anything except the Time of the Season playing in the beginning. What do you say?

April 5, 2019 “the Ghosts of Sharon Tate” will be released in cinemas in the US and at the same time on the video.

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