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The Germans were amazed by the audacity of a family of Ukrainians

Немцы в шоке от наглости семьи украинцевExcessive bragging in violation of the law brought countrymen to court.

A family of Ukrainians who boasted that he deceived the German authorities and was granted asylum as refugees from Syria, may be sent home.

To consider this case came from the Administrative court of münster.

In Germany a family of Ukrainians arrived in September 2014. They immediately applied for refugee status, citing the fact that they came from Syria.

After five months the German office for migration confirmed the request in writing, but for some reason without conducting a personal interview.

Soon, Ukrainians were sent to an orphanage in the West of münster. In turn, they started to talk right and left about how easy it is to fool the officials and get what you want.

Word of this soon reached the local authorities, and that reversed the decision of the asylum.

Now the family is going to appeal the actions of officials in court, referring to the fact that there’s a legal principle of protection of legitimate expectations. Supposedly, according to him, citizens must be confident that the government will not cancel once the decision.

Lawyers do not deny that in law there is a loophole, but just shocked by the audacity of the plaintiffs. They don’t understand how you can appeal to the law, pre-breaking it.

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