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The German Minister said, under what conditions will be lifted sanctions against Russia

Немецкий министр рассказал, при каких условиях будут отменены санкции против РФThe German Minister clarified the situation with Russia.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel continues to correct a phased lifting of sanctions with Russia as the fulfillment of the terms of the Minsk agreements.

“If sanctions were gradually introduced, why they can’t be withdrawn gradually? If Russia is to do certain things,” said Gabriel.

Gabriel, by his own admission, “very sympathetic” to exit from the agreement that concluded the heads of state and government of the EU suggests that only after full implementation of the Minsk agreements, when everything will be settled between Ukraine and Russia will see sanctions lifted.

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“I think that’s unrealistic. It would be wiser to be prepared in case of establishing the present armistice (which is the first item agreements) and the diversion of weapons to shoot the first part of the sanctions, then see what else you can do and get another”, – explained his position the German Minister.

He stressed that it is irrelevant to the Crimea and sanctions imposed in connection with the occupation of the Peninsula. “We can’t justify military intervention and appropriation of the neighboring countries”, – stated the Vice-Chancellor.

Statements by the leader of the Free democratic party of Germany, Christian Lindner that the issue of Crimea should be postponed to solve more pressing problems, he considers inspired by the election.

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However, says Gabriel, actually it was about something else: about how to reach a truce in the East of Ukraine. If this fails, it is necessary to “increase the pressure, because there, every day people are dying,” said the Minister. He stressed that in the approaching winter, care should be taken that the guns fell silent and began the restoration, including with the help of Germany.

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