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The Genie from the Kremlin bottle

Джинн из кремлевской бутылки

Take heart, citizens of Russia! One hope in your mind and the ability to understand what is not fully understood even by the press Secretary of the President. And as the press Secretary to not caught with chaff. It is you coming to a nationwide vote, will need to not just vote for the presidential amendments, and understand that they are correct and whether fixed to believe.

The Constitution is our Basic law. But the trouble is that no one still really didn’t read it, and if anyone read, I do not fully understand the meaning of reading. It is possible for many years interpreted the Constitution as they want and wipe their feet on her page.

The authorities hope that in the amendment no to delve will not, and once adopted, altered the Constitution will be neither read nor respected, not respected and not read before.

If all of this was not some insidious plan, the procedure would be simple and would not cause confusion even among lawyers. Convened a Constitutional Assembly would discuss everything slowly, would vote separately each change and would have done just as the people decide.

But it’s confusing on purpose, so anything could be interpreted as anything and every time the answer is that you misunderstood, and in fact we are all under the law.

The only purpose of the amendments is the extension of Putin’s rule, no matter in what particular quality. The rest is tinsel. But tinsel dragged so much that last ten carnivals. Putin has created a Genie in the form of the working group on amendments, and then released that Genie from the Kremlin bottle.

As a result, the longing for the Soviet Union, we will realize the words that Russia is its legal successor. But do not take responsibility for all the crimes of the Soviet regime, and assign yourself only the Victory over fascism, Gagarin and the first satellite.

State homophobia attach a paragraph that marriage is only when a man and a woman. We will remind more than a hundred people of Russia that we, Russian, are more important than all. Remember in vain God will probleem unknown ancestors and unknown covenants are unknown as we passed.

Mix everything together, will unbolted and serve on the table this cocktail. And need to drink it in one gulp. To vote for all at once. And the funny thing is that even a Constitution-bag then one to follow will not. Even they themselves have curves written article, they will merge into the toilet. However, no one still will not read what is written there, and therefore nothing to get upset about.

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