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The General staff confirmed the concentration of Russian artillery on the border with Ukraine

Генштаб подтвердил скопление российской артиллерии на границе с УкраинойThe inspectors during the inspection of the Rostov region have noticed the congestion of the Russian artillery on the border with Ukraine.

Ukrainian inspectors found a large concentration of artillery systems of various types in the town of Novocherkassk (Rostov region).

Such information was published by the inspection team leader Colonel Alex Vershigora.

Ukrainian observers in the international group, together with colleagues from Denmark and Canada, 16-19 January of this year conducted the inspection of specified area in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

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“It is not excluded the use of specified weapons for manning units and 150 motorized rifle division and the Pro-Russian terrorist groups on the temporarily uncontrolled territories of Ukraine”, – said the Colonel.

So, close to the border with Ukraine is actively formed 150 motorized rifle division of the southern military district of Russia. It will consist of 10.5 thousand troops.

The representative of the General staff added that the Russian side has set limits for the helicopter overflight at a depth of 25 km along the border with Ukraine over military airfields, and polygons, which usually takes military activity. In the end, the inspectors were allowed to inspect only for vehicles.

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Under the terms of the Vienna document 2011, which reglamentary the order of granting of the report in this case, inspectors have 14 days for processing. The data will transmit through official channels to all countries of the OSCE, including the Russian Federation.

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