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The General contractor of the Universiade has filed a lawsuit against the authorities of the Krasnoyarsk territory for 221 million roubles

Генподрядчик Универсиады подал иск к властям Красноярского края на 221 млн рублей

The General contractor for the construction of several objects of the winter Universiade has filed a lawsuit against the authorities of Krasnoyarsk region from-for a debt to 221 million rubles, according to with reference to the documents of the regional Arbitration court.

The plaintiff is the management construction company “Siberian”. In two claims, the General contractor requires that the regional institution “Administration of capital construction” was charged extra expenses that were required in the construction of the sports complex “Raduga” (170,89 million rubles) and the Academy of winter sports (50,78 million rubles).

In “Siberian” and noted that authorities in Krasnoyarsk region have been concluded state contracts for the construction of sports facilities. For the timely commissioning of buildings needed additional work that was performed by plaintiff, and accepted by the customer and put into operation. However, according to the contractor, the government Department refused to pay for additional work, which the construction company appealed to the court.

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Winter Universiade started in Krasnoyarsk on March 2 and will last until March 12. On March 1, the Russian interior Ministry has opened several criminal cases over embezzlement in preparation for the Universiade. The Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS has declared that there has been only one episode of plunder of budgetary funds, reports TASS.

“We should not attach any serious importance to this fact, it is the only recorded crime that occurred about a year ago,” said USS. According to him, we are talking about some fraudsters who inflated the value of homes during the demolition of dilapidated housing by means of fake documents. They have caused damage estimated in 9 million roubles. “It was a minor episode, and he’s not concerned officials,” – said the Governor.

The preparations for the Universiade memorable for urgent improvement and the fight against unsuitable weather conditions: dry and warm weather the snow had to be imported by trucks from the forest and imitate with the white geotextile. Black from the coal dust the snow sprinkled clean.

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In order to land in a local vacant lot, something like trees in the snow was stuck trimming metal pipes, which pushed the trunks of felled trees in advance. In the mayor’s office said “temporary landscaping for ornamental purposes” held at the initiative of power engineers to dispose of the felled completely different trees. At the same time the trees across the river have been cut down, after which the men sent a letter to the environmental Prosecutor’s office.

The scandal also caused the appearance in the sale of vodka bottles in the form of local attractions – stone of the chapel of Paraskeva. In the Krasnoyarsk diocese, Russian Orthodox Church, this marketing ploy called bad taste and “consumer Outlook on faith,” saying that they intend to address in law enforcement bodies.


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