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The gates of hell in the Well of the Devil (TRAILER)

Mockumentary horror in 2018, really? Someone still interferes with sleep success “of the Blair Witch project” and “Paranormal”? And it is fine this time already rather boring subgenre stormed the French, in which this film has not yet been – their “Cold land,” at least showing signs intriguing plot.

But no, “the Well of the Devil” (“The Devil’s Well”) is directing American Curtis Spiller, he was responsible for the screenplay, produced and starred in one of the roles. From the plot of novelty does not have to wait – again a team of TV crew climbed into an abandoned house to explore the local attraction, inextricably svyazannuyu with paranormalne. The synopsis reads:

Karl Marx disappears, along with her husband during the research of paranormal events in the Well of Devil and underground locations, which is called “direct descent to hell.” A year later, a group of kinodela come to this place to learn the truth about what happened with Carla, and meets a far more dangerous evil than expected.

If you are still intrigued by the story (or you liked the name of one of the characters) – the creation of Spiller will appear straight on DVD January 23, 2018.

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