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The gates of ancient civilizations can be portals – scientists

Врата древних цивилизаций могут быть порталами, - учёныеAccording to scientists, the Gate of the gods was discovered in Peru, near Puerto de How Mark.

Many peoples to this day preserved the myths about portals to other worlds, which was the gate of ancient civilizations.

Despite the fact that it’s fiction, in life there are many similar structures that were built thousands of years ago.

“Gate of the gods”, which was discovered in Peru. Think of the portal and they have two of the opening 7 and 2 meters. The legend says that who will pass through the structure will become immortal. In Memphis is the temple of Abu-Gorab. It was built in the form of the alabaster platform. Legends say that the construction helps to talk with the universe.

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On the bottom in lake Michigan have discovered a “Stargate”. It is noteworthy that the researchers there have discovered minted mastodon, which have disappeared from our planet for another 10 thousand years ago. Also known worldwide for the construction of “Stonehenge” is considered a portal. Residents believe that the facility was formerly the portals that carried through the universe.

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