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The gastroenterologist told me what kind of oil is healthier to fry an egg

Гастроэнтеролог рассказал, на каком масле полезнее жарить яичницуIt turns out, fry eggs in vegetable oil is not so useful.

Many people are afraid of butter, as fire, and limit its quantity to a minimum. The fact is that in a society long been the statement – “butter increases the level of bad cholesterol in the human body”, but in fact it is nothing but a delusion.

Scientists a few years ago I conducted a number of studies in several European countries simultaneously. They were attended by men and women of middle age. One of the researchers offered to cook foods in butter, others on vegetation.

In the end of the experiments, participants took the blood and determined the level of cholesterol. How would it not sound surprising, but people have and with the first and the second group the results were similar. That is, the level of cholesterol was increased about the same, and those who ate butter, and among the adherents of olive, corn, sunflower and other oils.

After were made public the results of these studies, physicians were simply to insist on the reduction in the human diet and fats of vegetable and animal origin.

It turns out that eggs can be fried in butter and not worry about its effect on the body because roasting of any product in sunflower oil or any other does not guarantee that it will remain harmless. On the contrary, at high temperatures, vegetable oil is oxidized and there are carcinogens that also negatively affect the level of cholesterol in the human blood, that is, provokes an increase in cholesterol cells.

Advice from gastroenterologists: fry eggs in a nonstick pan without oil, if you are afraid of harmful cholesterol. But remember that cholesterol participates in the structure of the cells, so to completely abandon the oils and fats is strictly prohibited by the physicians.

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