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The game War Thunder added helicopters

В игру War Thunder добавили вертолетыAlso for the first time in War Thunder map for mixed battles in North America.

The company Gaijin Entertainment continues to develop and improve multiplayer military shooter War Thunder. Recently the company has released a major update to the game called “Flight of the Valkyries”. The main new feature patch 1.81 is a new type of equipment and combat helicopters.

The game added helicopters, but so far only two Nations: USSR and USA. USA got three modifications for helicopters UH-1 Huey and AH-1 “Cobra”. Soviet pilots will be able to take the helm of the multipurpose Mi-4АВ, various modifications of the legendary “crocodile” Mi-24 and its current modernization of the Mi-35M.

According to the developers the helicopters will give the participants the mixed battles are the way to look at the battlefield. The main ally of the pilots of helicopters will be a relief. It will allow you to effectively use the main features of helicopters flying at low altitude, hovering, wide selection of weapons, including missiles and rockets – as well as provide shelter from enemy fire. At the beginning of the helicopters will be available in the PTA in the mixed fights of high rank. Later in the game there will be helicopters of other Nations and possibly other modes. Access to the closed beta testing of helicopters, gamers will be able to receive for the performance of specific tasks in the game or with the purchase of helicopter kits in the store.

Ground forces War Thunder added new high-level models, which will meet in battle with the helicopters. Among them, the top Soviet tank T-80B, French Batignolles-Châtillon Char 25t and M247 “Sergeant York” – the first in the game SOL having ammunition ammunition with radio controlled fuses.

Also for the first time in War Thunder map for mixed battles in North America. Fighting for the “American desert” to be held in a small town in the Arizona style of 60-x years. Pilots will be able to meet in the sky over “Vietnam.” The commanders of the warships will fight over “a Mediterranean port” on the coast of Italy and the “Green Bay” in the Scandinavian fjords.

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