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The future of the nation? Don’t you think that we have played in the social state?

We live in the social state, right? Us from each iron regularly misleading.

And it’s not bad, the debate will turn out.

The state, inspired by its social agenda, ceased to notice the identity of those who provides support. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

And in some cases is alarming, say more, we ought to think, and we should do it.

The woman who during pregnancy, finds out that she was probably born a sick child, and seriously mentally ill. Despite all the warnings of doctors, giving birth to him.

What the government is doing? Paid maternity capital and, over time, disability pension and other payments.

Anyone can tell me why? If you are warned about everything that the doctors have done all the research, but you still decide to give birth to a sick child, take responsibility, don’t count on the state. With high probability, including the brain.

The life expectancy of such children are different, sometimes they outlive their parents. What will happen with the child after they leave? Who is going to care for it, who cares?

Even with healthy brothers and sisters, I very much doubt that any of them will carry this burden in the future. Again, this falls on the shoulders of the state, the question is, why was this necessary?

Pathology there are physical, doctors also recommend to terminate the pregnancy. After the birth of these children require multi-million dollar treatment, and this is not always a guarantee of a full recovery. To give birth then to raise the money for treatment?

The future of the nation, seriously?

Это будущее нации? Вам не кажется, что мы несколько заигрались в социальное государство?

Sometimes living the future of the nation

Large misfits, Oh how much I love all kinds of talk shows for Housewives.

Several children from different fathers, mother, always drunk, cheerful and reliable, the house of food – one vodka.

Guardianship is obliged to help, the state is obliged to pay them, generally, it always should, they’re large.

DNA tests do, in order to restore a very complicated relationship. One child a few contenders in the fathers.

And the mother, when she finds out from someone actually another child, not hide the joy. But not because the folder was found in a child, but because, in addition to the payments, added alimony.

That’s the joy of it, what! Upon return to the native land, immediately to mark the occasion required. However, once a drunken stupor, you can once again fly, but, the state is concerned about the falling birth rate, and here again will not remain on the sidelines.

All children rely on benefits and maternity capital. Why work?

Children grow up imbibing such philosophy of life, seeing nothing else, and each of them, if not get out of this hell, you will live also.

The future of the nation?

Это будущее нации? Вам не кажется, что мы несколько заигрались в социальное государство?

If the child does not get out of this hell, you will live also.

The government is concerned about the demographic issue, and forgive the quality of this demography does not bother anyone? Every child from a family will give birth to a few of their kids with the same values and attitudes.

Regularly provide money to these families and to condemn their children to the same life in the future, in my opinion, the height of cynicism. To save these children is possible only by separation from their parents, no matter how scary it is for someone may sound.

In the meantime, the state’s support only panders to the fringe to raise the next generation of misfits.

But there are large families of low-income, non-drinkers.

I, as a reasonable person, always wondered why to give birth to the next child if the previous one has nothing to eat? Why give birth, knowing that I can’t afford it?

The answer is obvious: the state should help them. So I want to ask:

“Have you anything hands can do?”

When you look at their home often come to dread. How can you dirtied your house where repairs and cleaning was not from the time of its construction, it’s like? For repair they have no money, but the cleaning does need the money?

Это будущее нации? Вам не кажется, что мы несколько заигрались в социальное государство?

Basic cleaning can be done?

Such people, even build a new home, for a short time, he turned in the same dirty shed, all because people used to live and another does not want.

What are the values of these families instill in their children? If girls of such families begin, in turn, reproduce 15-16 years old. It teaches anything, but not a responsible attitude to life.

People do not want and not able to take responsibility for their lives, the lives of their children, and they need someone who will solve their immediate problems and give money.

Do not misunderstand, I am not against large families: there is money, power and desire, please.

I am against irresponsibility and shifting on the shoulders of someone else for their difficulties.

Can not trite, to feed – not to give birth. It’s your child and your responsibility, first and foremost.

People in Russia have always been compassionate, these families always helped, especially in the villages. Help now, only do these families this assistance? Very often they take it for granted and self-evident. Stop to help them, a lot of new things you learn about yourself.

<ins style=”box-sizing: inherit;”>Over the years, a new Russia was formed a layer of people: they don’t want to work, they never get anywhere, the level of awareness at ground level, they all have to try not to let. Sometimes, they know very well their rights, only their duty they were never explained why. And about responsibility too, they said.</ins>

May be time for us to recover and to think a little bit about the need to help such people, or at least to reconsider the approach to the provision of aid. Don’t you think?

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