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“The fun they have there in the zoo”: the users hard zatrollit Kobzon

«Весело у них там в зверинце»: пользователи жестко затроллили КобзонаThe singer was laughed at for the absurd statement.

Joseph Kobzon said that the anthem of Ukraine will never sound in Donetsk while he was alive. Netizens erupted with a lot of critical comments about it.

79-year-old singer and the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Iosif Kobzon told to Russian media that “as long as he is alive”, the Ukrainian anthem will sound captured by terrorists in Donetsk.

“Donbass no one was made to kneel, and no one to do it. We will never sing the Ukrainian national anthem, while will the living residents of Donetsk, as long as I live,” — commented on the controversial artist greetings of the President of Petro Poroshenko on the Day of Donetsk.

Social media users harshly greeted this statement of Joseph Kobzon. In particular, many noted that apparently an elderly singer in the near future is going to die.

“I understand that Kobzon has decided to die in the near future. And all for the sake of the Donetsk sounded the anthem of Ukraine. I have nothing against,” he wrote on his page in Facebook the people’s Deputy Borislav Birch.

Comments began to make fun of an absurd statement Kobzon, his ability to settle down to any authority and ostentatious love of Donbass from Moscow.

“Hero in the trenches sitting … Bander looks for”, “Grandpa already under birch’s time, and it’s something else blather”, “Business Kobzon — lick the government. Well paid for it. There is no ideology or belief — just business. Tomorrow the king will say about Bandera sing, sing”, “he looks very unhealthy. Everything goes to the fact that Donetsk will again very soon to listen to Ukrainian national anthem”, “He and Yanukovych naprognozirovali demise. Fun they have there at the zoo,” commented nick.

«Весело у них там в зверинце»: пользователи жестко затроллили Кобзона

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