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The fun is just beginning

Самое интересное только начинается

The virus is not a virus, but it is necessary to think about the future. And here comes the important psychological defense mechanism, an illusion of “stop on pause” — now life stopped, everything froze in grotesque postures on the command “freeze”, but then in may, July, September, 2021-m, no matter, we will do “Otome”, and life will continue from the same point where you left off. No. Will not continue.

Because, as wise notes Ella Paneyakh, “introductory will be nothing like last autumn-winter, when these events, things and trips planned. Another exchange rate, other prices on hotels, other wages of participants, and who and other jobs, if not their absence — and a different amount of resources. More importantly: other priorities. Other issues will be important, other activities are promising. Other risks and other opportunities, and another agenda in public life, in particular” (quote from her post for friends).

Just like Rozanov in the hackneyed quotation from the Apocalypse:

“The presentation ended. The audience stood up. — It’s time to put on a coat and go home. Looked back. But no coats, no houses were”.

I do not mean that everything will be terrible — to remain at home (although the fur coats it would be possible to get rid of, Yes), we, hopefully, save the life, health, loved ones, in the end, a head on their shoulders, but it will restart from very different positions and with different priorities, perhaps with other global and local situation and to think about this simultaneously scary and alluring, not every generation has such a chance, and Millennials for the first time and all, but how they deal with it?

The fun is just beginning.

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