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The frozen Carpathian waterfall attracted crowds of tourists

Замерзший карпатский водопад привлек толпы туристовFreezing weather in the mountainous area of the Western part of Ukraine has resulted in freezing Probiy waterfall – one of the most visited waterfalls in Ukraine.

To the frozen waterfall already rushed tourists to admire the wonder of nature. Incidentally, such a phenomenon is found in Ukrainian latitudes not so often. The owners of local hotels cherish the hope that frozen waterfall still hold in such a way that will draw in Yaremche even more tourists.

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Living near aremany say that the water flow is resisted shackling ice armour for a few days, but then gave up.

In addition to the status of “one of the most visited”, break is the title of the largest in Ukraine of the cascading waterfall. In the warmer months you can watch as it is water fall not one powerful stream and a cascade, one level floor to another.

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