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The Frenchman with burns of 95% of the body is transplanted into the skin of his twin brother

Французу с ожогами 95% тела пересадили кожу брата-близнецаThe man received burns in 2016.

Doctors in France saved the life of a patient with burns of 95% of the body, successfully transplanted his skin twin brother.

According to her, such operation was carried out for the first time in the world. It was held in a Paris hospital of San Luis in several stages.
“The first time we transferred 95% of the skin is almost complete transplantation,” — said the radio station plastic surgeon, Professor Maurice Mimoun.

The man received burns on the job in September 2016, and his brother immediately agreed to donate. First, doctors performed several operations to prepare the patient, and then in three stages, carried out skin grafts. In total, the donor gave the skin with 50% of his body. Since the brothers were monozygotic twins had identical DNA, transplant rejection has not occurred.

According to Mimoune, this operation gives experts hope the development of skin grafting.

“We realized that we can save the lives of patients with burns of 95% of the body, if we have a quickly you receive the donor’s skin, which we hope will one day become universal,” said the Professor. He also noted that during surgery, the experts recorded the regeneration of some areas of the skin.

The now 33-year-old patient has been discharged from hospital and returned home. He is undergoing rehabilitation and is able to move independently.

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