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The French newspaper published the testimony of Kim Kardashian and caught the robbers

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As we know, robbers, Kim kardashian (Kim Kardashian) was arrested, moreover, they already confessed to the crime. According to recent data, 17 of the detainees, two were retired 64-year-old Marceau, who immediately went to Antwerp to sell the stolen jewels on the black market, and a 53-year-old Yunis, which they say that he is a known crime boss.

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As you know, during the burglary, armed robbers accidentally dropped one of the ornaments, which traces criminals. Also, the robbers were able to calculate the reflection in the window of the beauty salon, which is directly opposite the hotel where he was staying then Kim.

It was found that among the criminals was the brother personal driver Kardashian in Paris — the 27-year-old Gary Madar.

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Also the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche managed to find the transcript of the testimony of Kim Kardashian: “I heard a noise at the door, similar to the steps I shouted to know who it is. There was no answer… Through the sliding door I saw two people and then involving male reception. The faces of both men were closed, one of them was in a ski mask, in his hands he had a cap and jacket with the inscription “Police”, both were of European appearance, and a fairly high growth”, — the newspaper writes.

Kim Kardashian with her daughter after the robbery
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It is known that that night, Kim was already preparing to sleep and was only in a robe, without underwear. The criminals broke into the room, tied Kim wires and put it in the bathroom, holding a gun to the back of the head. And only after the criminals have left the room of stars, she was able to escape.

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Despite the fact that the robbers were caught, jewel Kim to get back not be able. According to the police, find them on the black market is practically impossible.

Recall that in October last year in Paris, armed criminals broke into the room Kim Kardashian. The armed criminals took jewelry by $9 million. After that terrible night, Kardashian could not come in itself, — for three months, the star has not been in contact with fans and did not appear in public.

Then the stolen ring
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Recently hosted the first public release of star — Kim went to Dubai where, together with her makeup artist gave a master class on makeup.

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