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The French have created a unique robot Valet

Французы создали уникального робота-парковщикаThe specialists of the French company Stanley Robotics users submitted the robot Valet, running in standalone mode.

Novelty called Stan can pick up the owner of the car and Park it in the correct location.

According to the developers Stanley Robotics, is a robot Valet the car owner needs to leave the vehicle in a special box. The device, after some time, you may pick up the car and put it on the vacant Parking spot. When the owner returned, Stan delivers transport back to Boxing. The press service of the company asserts that the main feature of the device is its ability to perfectly place the car, shortening the distance between them. Such capability saves space and time.

It is reported that the Robotics experts Stanley originally planned to build a robot specifically for airports, however, the product can run on any Parking lot. The device can carry vehicles with various wheel bases, the moveable parts of the chassis. Network manufacturers has published a promotional video, which showed the features of the technology.

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