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The fourth season of “Black mirror” – the first details

The popular British series of the anthology “Black mirror”, designed to scare the audience is by no means rosy prospects for the nearest future, successfully survived until the fourth season. It will consist of six episodes and will be released later this year on Netflix. There kinodely do not cease to please – the world saw the American remake of “death note”, and soon will be ready, “Little evil,” “Gerald’s Game” and the second season of “strange cases.”

So, we have information about the names of the episodes of the new season, as well as on the composition of the creators of each of them:


Starring: rosemary DeWitt (“Mad men”), Brenna Harding (episode “Code”), Owen Teague (“It”).

Director: Jodie Foster.

Scenario: Charlie Brooker.

“USS Callister”

Starring: Jesse Plemons (“breaking bad”), Christine Milioti (“the Wolf of wall street”), Jimmi Simpson (TV’s “house of cards”), Michaela Koel (“Monsters 2: Dark continent”).

Director: Toby Haynes (TV’s “Sherlock”).

Scenario: Charlie Brooker, William Bridges.


Starring: Andrea Riseboro (“Birdman”), Andrew Gower (episode “the Stranger”), Kiran Sonia Savar (TV series “Legends”).

Director: John Hillcoat (“The Road”).

Scenario: Charlie Brooker.

“Hang the DJ”

Starring: Georgina Campbell (TV’s “Murder on the beach”), Joe Cole (series “peaky blinders”), George Blagden (Vikings).

Director: Tim van Patten (TV’s “the Sopranos”).

Scenario: Charlie Brooker.


Starring: Maxine Rush (“the universe Stephen Hawking”), Jake Davis (“Cyber-terror”), Clint Dyer (“Agora”).

Director: David Slade (TV’s “Hannibal”).

Scenario: Charlie Brooker.

“Black Museum”

Starring: Douglas Hodge (“Tulip fever”), Leticia Wright (“the First player to get ready”), Babs Alpenrosen (TV’s “the Defenders”).

Director: Colm McCarthy (“the New era of Z”).

Scenario: Charlie Brooker.

Over the last ten years, technology changed our lives fully, before we had time to recover and to question them. In every home, on every Desk, in every palm — a plasma TV, computer monitor, screen smartphone — black mirror of our existence in the twenty-first century. Our relationship with reality changes. We laid on the altar “Google” and “Apple”, and worship them. “Facebook”-algorithms know more about us than our own parents. We have access to all information in the world, but in my head only enough space in order to perceive the 140 characters of Twitter. In “the Black mirror” shows a General concern for our modern world…

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