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The founder of McAfee showed the most secure smartphone in the world

McAfee has been developing systems of information protection, including the eponymous antivirus. The founder of this company, John McAfee understands that the software will not get far, and today he personally presented a prototype of the tamper-proof smartphone.

The apparatus shown by the founder of McAfee, is the temporary name of Privacy Phone, a fully revealing its essence. The thing is even not only and not so much the encryption, but in the presence of physical switches that allows to disable the communication modules, antennas, microphone, camera, GPS and even the battery to no man in uniform was unable to find you. All this, in fact, pretty cool, but after the release of the cost of Phone Privacy will be as much as 1100$, and then it becomes immediately clear that it was designed McAfee.

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The bottom line is this: the antivirus from the developer, may be effective, but there is no less quality solutions at a much more reasonable price. So in the case of Phone Privacy: there are many phones with a removable battery, and there is no need for triggers, and they are clearly cheaper than 1100 dollars. Yes, Privacy Phone may be super, but first, externally, it will not tell you, second, its characteristics are not yet announced, and release date.

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