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The former leader of the militants Gubarev laugh “big farm”

Экс-главарь боевиков Губарев насмешил «большим хозяйством»The gunman gave a reason for ridicule.

One of the former leaders of “DNR” Pavel Gubarev in an interview with the separatist organization “Free Donbass” said that after leaving “big politics” was an ordinary citizen and engaged in “extensive agriculture”, including base, similar to the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker”.

“We have a large farm, say so,” he said.

According to Gubarev, he deals with the media holding “Russia”, wrote the book “the Torch” and have outlined the second (about how Ukraine again, Russia), and also helps those who, after the failure of the “Russian spring” were in the Ukrainian prison.

In addition workers engaged in “punitive base” called “Tribunal” (such a “Peacemaker” in reverse), where the separatists will wear people, in their opinion, responsible “for all the dire events in Ukraine.”

Fakel Pasha and his large farm,” he wrote on his Twitter page, blogger Necro Mancer. Commentators are not far behind: “this is the face burst, his ORDO sure all is well”, “”Peacemaker” just the opposite” is like? Aha ha, zhzhot Dol*odata!”.

Экс-главарь боевиков Губарев насмешил «большим хозяйством»

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