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The former cyborg put in jail for stealing a flag

Бывшего киборга посадили в тюрьму за кражу флагаDefender of the Donetsk airport was sentenced to three years.

Mohyliv-Podil’s’kyi gorriones court of Vinnitsa region sentenced twice wounded defender of the Donetsk airport Nikolay Lavrik for stealing gosflag.

In the words of Lavrik, state symbols hung on the curved tube at the entrance to the village Banderowcy dirty and crumpled like a rag. “Cyborg” took it off because with my own eyes saw in the Donetsk airport, children were dying for the flag.

“Once inside, everything is turned upside down, when he saw. I it and took. The flag of Ukraine should not be in a position to be in. If it is shabby, dirty – so he does not need them. I took it home, cleaned, washed and left”, – he said.

The next day the village head reported it stolen to the amount that falls under criminal article.

“The Chairman of village Council has granted a certificate stating that the flag was on the balance and cost 300 hryvnia,” – said the head of Mogilev-Podol Department of police Valery Zhuchkovsky.

The court decided to punish the Atoshnik three years in prison, although lawyers argued that the flag is actually cheaper and not covered under the article.

“I bought the same flag, which is 65 Euro and not 300. But it was not profitable to law enforcement: if 65, then there will be criminal liability. They decided to evaluate 300 hryvnia,” – said the lawyer Alexander Gardetsky.

The services of a lawyer “cyborg” ran only once heard a ridiculous sentence and realized the need to appeal. During operation, the lawyer found out many interesting things, in particular, and that in fact the flag for the alleged 300 UAH on the balance of the village Council was.

The police of Mogilev-Podolsky stated that the village head had actually lied to the investigation, and law enforcement officers prepare check together with the Prosecutor’s office to give a principled assessment of the actions of the official.

However, after that himself, the village head of Banderowcy Nicholas Antoniuk assured that the statement the police wrote and reported about the missing flag to the district by telephone.

The work of the police and Prosecutor’s office promised to evaluate the results of official investigations.

“We are in front of him apologized for the actions of their subordinates. I personally was the Lavric home. We will correct the situation, the investigators who do not spent, as it should be, check on these criminal proceedings, will be punished” – promised the head of the local police.

“If there is wine, besides officials of the police and Prosecutor’s office, we punish them. No one is to leave so will not be”, – assured the head of Mogilev-Podolsky the local Prosecutor’s office Oleg putrya.

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