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The former Bachelor has commented on the breakup with Allen Lasik

Экс-Холостяк прокомментировал расставание с Аленой ЛесыкRecently it became known that Irakli and Alain are no longer together.

Alena Lasik first to report the breakup with ex-Bachelor. She wrote in a heartbreaking post on Instagram, hinting that she was tired to take the initiative and therefore invited Irakli to leave.

The audience had to calm down after he learned about the gap Lasik and Makatsaria, but no! Irakli barrage of criticism, they say, it’s his fault that Princess Alena left him, and in fact he did not love anyone, and just chose her in the finale of the Bachelor at random.

Other network users were confident that the relationship of Alena and Irakli initially – fiction, a contract, a condition of participation in shows and so on, which is actually made sure, knowing that a year after the end of the project, their relationship ended.

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Here, as justified by Irakli: “Hello, dear friends! I think, after the statement of Alena many already know about the end of our relationship. Honestly, I have no desire to write anything about my personal life in social networks, but I understand that the audience of the project “the Bachelor” who experienced and supported us and supported all this time, I want to hear my position. Though I don’t agree with the wording of the post Alena and the mood in which she described our situation, I believe that it is her right and her choice. I want to thank Alain for the nice moments that were in our relationship and during the project and after it. Don’t regret anything and I think that this Chapter will take a worthy place in my book. Alena wish to find in the future their happiness, a lot of kindness, love and career achievements. And you, dear subscribers, viewers of the project, well-wishers and ill-wishers want to sincerely thank you for your experiences, for your support, constructive criticism and advice. You really made me stronger! But don’t forget that the personal lives of public people should remain private. So my request to you: do not Stargates it so rude and don’t water it with negativity, especially towards Alena. Everything that happens in life, things can only get better.”.

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