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“The fog” talks about his heroes (VIDEO)

New adaptation of the novel “Fog”, owned by Peru illustrious Stephen king, is getting closer. A couple of days ago we dumped a pile of photos with moments from the show, and there really was something to see. Now, just a few hours ago, was published a new promotional video designed to introduce us to one of the characters in the “Haze”.

This is Eve Copeland performed by Alyssa Sutherland. The last thing you could see in “the Vikings”, where she played Princess Aslaug. Australian fashion model, she has an interesting, somewhat severe appearance, far from smazlivost, and judging by this video, is quite hard.

In addition, the promo shows what kind of relations prevail in the town, which detractors have with Eve, etc. I liked the first scene in the movie — you know, all this fighting in public, sidelong glances, satisfied with the witnesses who are already looking forward to the next rumor-the bones of others… And we know that all of these conflicts would later develop into something really hard. Later. When the city is going to be Fog.

Small city community excited violent crime. And while people are trying to cope with the consequences, comes the fog. Impenetrable whitish haze cutting them off from the rest of the world, and in some cases from each other. Family, friends and enemies become allies, now forced to battle a mysterious fog and threats that it carries. But how to cope with threats lurking within people?

“Haze” is coming, kids, and finds us already on 22 June 2017.

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