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The flagship OnePlus 7 appeared on the “live” picture

The Network spread photo of the smartphone OnePlus 7, of course, unofficial, but it gives us cause to reflect on the fact that the design of the new flagship will be radically different from what we are accustomed to. Judging from the picture, from the glass on the back panel refused, but added something from Nokia.

Look closely – you see is the camera? She looks exactly the same as in the unforgettable cameraphone Nokia 1020, which still can give odds to all modern flagships. It is possible, within 7 OnePlus hides a really powerful matrix with excellent optics, at least, want to believe it. It is not excluded that the photo is just a prototype, because it looks painfully clumsy, but it is in the hands of Pete Lau, and this, as you know, Executive Director of OnePlus.

Smartphone OnePlus 7 will be released not soon – only in may 2019, so developers have plenty of time to finished the design, but that the emphasis is made exactly on the camera, no doubt remains. The filling of the smartphone little is known – at least 6 GB of RAM, the drive is not less than 128 GB and a Qualcomm 855, the newest on the market, complete with modem for 5G networks. As for the Nokia, which took the design of the main camera, it too will soon appreciate the new camera phone, Nokia 9.

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