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The five most expensive paintings in the world. Photo

Пять самых дорогих картин мира. ФотоThe price of art.

At Christie’s auction the work of Leonardo da Vinci’s “the Savior of the world” was sold to an anonymous buyer for a record amount — $450,3 million of this money would be enough to fully cover the damage from the recent earthquake in Iran or pay the prize Fund of the world championship on football in 2018.

This is now the most expensive painting in the world. On the canvas size 64.5 x 44,7 cm painted blessing Christ. Before the auction, which lasted only 20 minutes, the work was estimated at $100 million, the Buyer chose to remain anonymous. “The Savior of the world” and probably dates from 1505. Interestingly, for the first time, the painting was sold in 1958. Then in London it was bought for just 45 pounds (about $60), as this was believed to be a reproduction.

The second place is the work of Dutch abstract artist Willem de Kooning’s “Exchange”. The painting was sold in 2015 for $300.3 million the size of the picture 200,7 x 175,3 cm Painted it in 1955 and reflects the ugly reality of the postwar world.

The painting “When’s the wedding” French impressionist Paul Gauguin in 2015 is estimated at $300 million for the Painting in 1892 in Tahiti. It depicts a girl with a flower in her hair — a sign that she is in search of her husband. By the way, in the same year, Gauguin married a 13-year old Tahitian girl who became a model for his work. Picture two years ago acquired the Museum authority of Qatar, but this year appeared the information that the deal could be worth $210 million because Of this, the picture can lose its status as one of the most expensive in the world.

In 2011 the Emir of Qatar bought the painting “the card Players” by French post impressionist Paul Cezanne for $259 million Canvas 97 x 130 cm was written in 1893 and included a series of five works with a similar plot. For “Players” posed the villagers, some of them worked on the estate of the artist. None of the five scenes not shown any money on the table. Most likely, the people in the paintings play for fun.

In 2014, the painting “№6” immigrant from tsarist Russia, American abstract expressionist Mark Rothko was bought by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev for $186 million, the Painting was written in 1951. Many argue that Rothko’s paintings is so strong that looking at them up close, one can experience a heightened sense of loneliness or fear.

Пять самых дорогих картин мира. Фото
Пять самых дорогих картин мира. Фото
Пять самых дорогих картин мира. Фото
Пять самых дорогих картин мира. Фото
Пять самых дорогих картин мира. Фото

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