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The five most dangerous foods for the heart and blood vessels

Пять самых опасных продуктов для сердца и сосудов Important information for those who care about their heart.

Not so long ago coronary heart disease (CHD) was rare, but now half of all deaths are due to vascular problems.

Scientists believe that the main reason for changing the style of food. Namely, the consumption of large quantities of products with “hidden” fats and salt. And not to save money on food does not mean eating good for the heart and blood vessels, says expert cardiologist, MD Marat Aripov.

Here are five foods that are dangerous for the heart and blood vessels:

1. All products with modified fats: butter cookies, cakes with cream, a cheese fat.

2. Smoked and raw smoked sausages, store-bought pies (lots of fat).

3. Caviar – red and black.

4. Champagne and sparkling wines.

5. Beer – is more 0,5 in day for men and more than 0.33 for women.

High blood pressure often do not feel

The view that high pressure you’ll feel (say, bound to be pounding at his temples, the blood to person, and heart will be pounding like mad) is a big myth! Unfortunately, many high blood pressure know the real figures of the pressure already in a hospital bed, where after a “sudden” heart attack.

Coronary arteries gradually become clogged, and the violation of vascular tone also gives the body a chance — supposedly — to adapt. As a result the heart gets used to work, not bringing us external discomfort. And in one moment of an acute attack.

To avoid this, all people after 35 years is recommended at least once a week to measure the pressure with a home blood pressure monitor. The upper limit of normal – 140/80 units. All the talk about how supposedly “my working pressure is 150/90”, nonsense!

The first symptom — a bad dream

It is considered that the first symptom of coronary artery disease — pain in the left side of the chest. But really that is either already developed angina (already launched CHD), or even problems unrelated to the heart, for example, gastritis, pancreatitis, or neuralgia.

In turn among frequent first “bells” cardiovascular problems:

— sleep disturbance (most often it’s either when you can’t really fall asleep in the evening, this febrile anxiety, or if you often Wake up in night);

— daytime fatigue – it would seem it is not clear from what;

— feeling short of breath with habitual physical activity.

Rules of fitness for the heart

Speaking of physical activity. The most harmful for the heart and blood vessels – short for sports with a higher voltage (e.g., rod and all the hardware). The steeper and more professional trainer, the higher the risk to “disrupt” the heart.

Not to train “the public”, they say, that as I can. They follow the rhythm of the neighbors in the gym — everyone has their own preparation, and brains, too.

Follow the pulse. If it is during sporting loads over 130-140 beats per minute, begin, experts say, to “burn” muscle, including the most important — the heart. The fact that this tension of oxygen than the body is able to obtain, not enough to produce the energy. In the end, begins hypoxia, shortness of breath and congestion of the heart.

The most useful for vascular – aerobic activity with large amplitude movements (treadmill, Pilates, swimming).

IMPORTANT! To run a tight and dangerous for heart belly fat (i.e. abdominal obesity), you need to do at least 40 minutes at a time. Only after this time you can “stir” the cells of malevolent fat on the sides and waist.

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