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The five most beautiful canyons in the Ukraine. Photo

Пять самых красивых каньонов в Украине. ФотоIn Ukraine many interesting things.

The vacation season is in full swing – and the question “where to go this summer” will be relevant until the end of the season. Due to come into force visa-free regime, many have decided to go abroad, but he who does not have time to do the new biometric passport, or simply not willing to pay for such a vacation, stay in Ukraine. Fortunately, in our vast country there are options to travel on any budget and taste.

This time you will learn about active rest in the Ukrainian canyons. On some places you didn’t even know!

Пять самых красивых каньонов в Украине. Фото

Aktovsky canyon

A natural miracle – unique rock corridor with a frightening name “Devil’s canyon” located in the Nikolaev area. Tourists called Ukrainian Switzerland, because of the scale of the granite-basalt pyramids. It is the only European copy of the famous landscape of the Grand canyon, located in Arizona, America. In this area are quite steep topography, which makes it impossible for river rafting. However, these places attract fans of extreme sports, rock climbers and mountaineers. In the canyon you can find a little beautiful waterfalls with crystal clear water. In the formed natural baths you can swim and cool off. Its depth reaches 50 meters, and an area of over 250 hectares. Hotels in the village Assembly there, so you can stay either in a tent or in the next town, closer to civilization.

Пять самых красивых каньонов в Украине. Фото

Kherson Grand canyon

The famous mountain Kherson region is located near the village of Stanislav, Bilozerka region, 40 km from Kherson. Avid tourists quite often come here to enjoy is not typical for Ukraine landscapes and the intoxicating aroma of steppe plants. The enchanting landscape also emphasizes the Dnieper Bay, the views from the heights of the canyon. You can stay at locals in the village of Stanislav.

Пять самых красивых каньонов в Украине. Фото

Buky canyon

This is one of the most beautiful places of the Central Ukraine in Cherkasy region. Scenic canyon formed by high rocky banks of the river Mountain Tikich in the village. Buki. These granite rocks, scientists estimated at about 2 billion years. Here was built the first in Ukraine GES, from which only ruins and the dam. These ruins can be a great place for unusual photo shoot. Buky canyon is popular among fans of rest in tents on the nature, and fans of the alloy. The river referred to II cat. of difficulty, so beginners can hone their skills. Opponents of tent accommodations, you can stay at locals or hotels Zhashkov.

Пять самых красивых каньонов в Украине. Фото

Korostyshiv quarry

Near Zhitomir, in Korostyshev is a picturesque lake formed on the site of the flooded granite quarry. On the territory of several kilometers in the middle of the woods, there are a few abandoned granite deposits. Their rocky shores to a height of up to 10-15 meters, so here you can often meet surfers practicing climbing. It’s beautiful in any weather: on a Sunny day people come here to admire the reservoir, and when the sky tighten the clouds, career look particularly bleak and powerful. On the banks of the reservoir located a camping area where you can pitch a tent and stay for a few days.

Пять самых красивых каньонов в Украине. Фото

Basalt columns

This unique piece of nature is located in Kostopil district of Rivne region near the village of Basalt. Such unique formations also exist in the Hawaiian Islands and in Ireland. Their age is hard to imagine. Of basalt, which are mined, produced monuments, street paving and steps. It is noteworthy that our unique Rivne stones adorn not only Ukrainian city, but they paved the main squares of Vienna, Paris, Brussels and Warsaw. These unique places attract thousands of tourists every year for photo shoots. If one day is not enough, you can stay with locals and spend an unforgettable day at the foot of the basalt mountains.

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