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The fitness ring will teach you to accept payments “thumbprint heart”

Фитнес-кольца научат принимать платежи "отпечатком сердца"The manufacturer announced a new feature.

The company is Motiv, the American manufacturer of smart fitness ring that adds to your device the special functions of security, which will allow you to make payments. Roughly speaking, a ring holder will be able to confirm safe operation “thumbprint heart”. About Motiv announced at CES.

Motiv Ring – titanium ring that measures pulse rate to monitor your activity. As fitness bracelets, it works via Bluetooth paired with a smartphone. Now the company wants to measure the heart accurately enough to be able to read it just like a fingerprint, and confirm the identity. And after the confirmation ring can contact the terminal at the point of sale to authorize payments.

The device works based on the theory that the heart in its work, each person emits a unique signal. Motiv intend to use electrocardiography (ECG) to measure such signals, to confirm the identity.

The ring is certified FIDO as a means to log into the account on the Internet via standard WebAuthn and as a device for two-factor authentication. But now it depends on the fulfillment of certain hand gestures while wearing the ring. In the past the company has also considered the possibility of using the way of walking as a method of authentication called “the ID of the walk”.

As for the new functions, the biggest question is, how accurate is tracking your heart rate, and can the system be flushed during exercise or other damage to the heart.

Motiv plans to add new features via a software update in the second half of 2019.

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