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The first trailer for “Castlevania” from Netflix

For fans of the cult video game “Castlevania” dreams about her adaptation of the object became almost sacred subject. With the project in the time bound and the Director of “resident evil” Paul W. S. Anderson, and parent “the conjuring” by James WAN, and Director of the upcoming “Slenderman” of Sylvain white. However, a full-length film version of the Saga of war between the Belmont clan and the minions of count Dracula at the moment and remains in a “freeze”. But to upset gamers is not necessary, because already in July of this year on Netflix portal will appear animated version of their beloved vampire stories.

The teaser trailer the creators of the series came clearly with respect to nostalgic feelings of the target audience. “Castlevania” has come a long way from platform NES to the modern Xbox One, but in the video involved that is significant for the Nintendo series, which began with the glorious history of the Saga. The script for the series was written by the famous British comic book writer Warren Ellis, he also became one of the producers of the show. The official synopsis reads:

Inspired by the cult video game series, “Castlevania” tells about the last surviving member of the Belmont clan, trying at all costs to protect Eastern Europe from count Dracula.

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