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The first time people polluted the river with waste industry 7000 years ago

Люди впервые загрязнили реку отходами промышленности 7000 лет назадAt the moment, in the dried-up river bed found a large amount of residue by-products of burning copper.

Scientists from Canada recently stated that they found the first in the history of the contaminated river the bronze age.

Thus, industrial pollution is not as modern a phenomenon as previously thought.

Scientists around the world continue to actively explore the archaeological monument Wadi Faynan, which is located in Jordan and its vicinity. A group of scientists who conduct research that could find a place 7 000 years ago was a river. One of the professors noted that experts have managed to find traces of pollution is now a dried up water source, namely the particles of oxidized copper.

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It is assumed that this could only happen in the case that the ancient people were actively using the item. Archaeologists claim that they were able to shed light on the period when the transition took place from the Stone age to the Bronze, and received in academic circles the name of the Copper age. It was then, say the Canadians, people began to experiment with copper ore, ceramic and fire, thus polluting the river, which later dried up.

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