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The first silk appeared in China 8.5 thousand years ago

Первый шелк появился в Китае 8,5 тысячи лет назадScientists have found traces of silk in one of the ancient tombs of China.

Thanks to the painstaking work of archaeologists, it became known that in China silk appeared more than 8.5 thousand years ago.

Already in China engaged in manufacturing of silk fabrics. Scientists have made such conclusions after analyzing the tomb in the small village Harbour.

When studying the graves of the staff of the University of science and technology found a small bone needles and tools, designed for spinning. According to scientists, producing fabrics of silk threads, the villagers can use them later when the burial of the dead.

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Settlement Harbour is one of the oldest centers of civilization in the Eastern country. In the 60 years of the twentieth century during excavations there were found ceramics, well-preserved flute, written signs, vaguely reminiscent of hieroglyphics.

After the flooding on the vast territory of Harbour remained the foundations of the houses and about three hundred tombs. Chemical analysis of the soil using a special ultra-sensitive devices have helped scientists to find rare protein — fibroin. The substance included in the composition of the silk of spiders and caterpillars. It is not soluble in water and other liquids. This allowed the scientists to claim that the gut was in the grave in the form of silk threads or fabrics.

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