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The first recorded case of the explosion of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Samsung Note 8 for sale for a week, but so far hasn’t exploded, and it’s very strange, given his close relationship with Note 7. But the Apple iPhone 8 Plus, also released on 22 September, has already begun to show extremist tendencies in Taiwan recorded the first case of the explosion of the top cell phone.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus in General a lot of problems, but they have until now was associated exclusively with the software part of iOS 11 was buggy piece of… software code and requires many updates. But now the problem started at the hardware level: gold Apple iPhone 8 Plus exploded while charging, and it was the version for 64 gigabytes, lived in the end only a few days. According to the owner, at the time of the explosion of the charge level of the mobile phone was about 70%, and to recharge the gadget we used a complete memory.

Recall that the Apple iPhone 8 Plus, support fast charging, supplemented by the charger at a measly 1 amp, so the battery against high current and voltage simply excluded. Turns out the phone was defective, and it is possible that quite soon the new IPhones start exploding right and left. Exploding Apple iPhone 8 Plus has already been sent for examination, and Apple itself has so far refused to comment.

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