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The first poster of the series “the Boys” with Karl urban

In November last year we reported that Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures TV Studios began developing the series based on hooligan comic “the Boys” (The Boys). At the helm of the project – the authors of “the Preacher,” Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, and Eric Kripke, Creator of “Supernatural,” which here acts as a show-run.

Viewers are in for quite an unusual view of superheroic: hard, sex and black humor.

The action series is set in a world where there are superheroes. They are the real stars. They all know and love. But behind the perfect facade lurks a much darker world of drugs and sex, and most of the characters — life is not the most pleasant people. To control the superheroes, the CIA created a special unit, informally known as “the Boys”, the harsh whose members are always ready to put the arrogant hero in the most cruel way.

The project was in the plans God knows how long, but now everything comes to a logical conclusion. We even have the first official poster. It exactly reproduces the cover of the comic, which, incidentally, recently published in Russian. Only instead of painted faces there is imprinted the main castes of the show, led by Karl urban, who got the role of a leader “Boys”, nicknamed Billy the Butcher.

The series will be released on Amazon Prime in 2019.

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